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What is burlapcrete?

2012/09/20 Danielle 1

One of the joys of setting up Gallifrey is getting to try a lot of the things I’ve been interested in for a long time but haven’t had the opportunity to implement. Things like putting in swales and designing a food forest, like large scale outdoor sculptures (I haven’t done any of that yet, but I’m thinking about it), like building a straw bale house, and putting in a big vegetable garden in a good location where I can grow tasty things. Gardens give me so much joy, I’ve wanted to build one of my own for as long as […]

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2012/09/19 Danielle 0

All the slackness, it has been ours. Or we have been in it, or something. Which is to say, it has been many many many lots of days without an update. So. We bought and erected a small storage shed to keep tools in. Also, spare furniture and house-things, since moving two people into one house (as we did in Jan last year) means combining two people’s worth of stuff into less space. I mean, we have 3 beds between the two of us, and loads of kitchen things and linen. I don’t want to do a purge until we […]