These are some information pages I’ve put together. I haven’t put down my references (except in a few cases), and although the info is accurate as far as I know, it is collated from the internet and these are NOT intended to be definitive guides to the topics at hand.





  • Fermented Foods – a primer on yoghurt, kefir, water kefir, lactofermented pickles, and sourdough


Livestock & Pets


Architecture & Building



  1. Hi, I’ve been looking at your blog and trying to see a way to contact you but this is the only way I can see. We are starting up a permaculture farm in the Southwest (I say starting up, it’s been 3 years… I still feel like we’re starting up!). I was reading your post about starter trees and would love to get in contact with you to compare notes/seed swap etc. We’ve also found acacias to be excellent pioneers but I’m particularly interested where you source honey locust seed. Anyways, please email me if you have time/don’t think that I’m a troll (I’m not! I came across your blog looking for info about geese and saw that most of your posts were about stuff of interest to me).

  2. I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to reply – I literally didn’t see the comment. We do have a facebook page, which is probably an easier way to get in contact with us, but I should have seen this earlier.

    Honey Locust seed I actually just collect from street trees around Perth 🙂 I’ve also had really good luck germinating jacarandas from seed collected that way.

  3. Hello Mr. Deej. Are you still active on this site? I came across this article you posted several years ago and was curious about your research into the intersection of olive agroforestry and livestock, specifically cattle.

    If you have good information on this subject, I’d be happy to pay you for a short call over zoom or skype. I’m living in Portugal and looking to get into regenerative livestock grazing, and there are millions (its seems) of hectares of olive grove pastures here

  4. hi – sorry for the delayed reply, I forgot that I had comments set to moderated. I have some research papers, but no one seems to be looking into agroforestry grazing systems, the focus is all on intercropping. Generally speaking, the trees help the pasture do well, which is a benefit to grazing animals, but cattle especially will damage young trees just by rubbing on them. If you have mature olive trees, though, I think there’s definite potential.

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