Badger Badger Badger Badger…

…Mushroom Mushroom! D and I have been experimenting with  exciting things that can be grown in an apartment setting. This months experiment has been Oyster mushrooms. We got a starter kit from a nice gentleman at the Manning Road farmers market. We brought them home and lovingly spritzed them with water and kept them humid and moist and indeed there has been success. As you can see above they grew quite prodigiously and provided us with enough for a large oyster omelet and quite a few left over.

At his recommendation we kept the base after picking and kept it moist and warmish and we were lucky enough to get a second crop so far. We’re hoping and aiming for a third and fourth. When the fungus appears to be losing steam, we’ll take it up to the land and bury it in a compost heap with our bukashi bin and a bunch of brown compost. Who knows, maybe we’ll seed it on the land. Yum!

This is something we’ll definitely be doing again in the future and hopefully next time we’ll make our own bags and split the mushroom kit up among them and get our own strain going. A nice darkish room with a whole row of them producing over time and we’ll be swimming in mushrooms. Hurrah!


  1. You keep a plastic bag hanging over it and put it on a tray of wet newspaper.. then every morning and evening you spritz it with fresh clean water. Not straight out of the tap as that has chlorine, just let it sit for a while to outgas.

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