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The Pointy End

2015/07/23 Danielle 0

People say that building a house is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. No one said it directly to me, mind you, but in theory people say this to other people as some sort of warning of the amount of stress and effort to expect. And the people they say it to (or don’t actually say it to) listen and agree and don’t fully comprehend what it means. I thought I did, but .. with hindsight, I was in the same boat as John Snow (i.e. I knew nothing). It’s taken three years to get to the pointy […]

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Black Mint

2015/07/13 Danielle 0

While I consider myself to be Australian, I wasn’t born here – I adopted this country. I moved, with my family, from South Africa when I was 11. An eleven-year-old doesn’t (or at least my eleven year old self didn’t) have any real grasp of politics, long term economic predictions, or crime rates, or the reasons why we emigrated – which were related to all those factors. But my world-view has been forever shaped by the colours and sounds and smells of Africa. Indeed, in my most secret heart of hearts I am a dual citizen of both Australia and […]

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Breaking Ground

2015/07/07 Danielle 0

We have a delivery date for the house – which, in case I hadn’t mentioned this clearly before, is a modular pre-fabricated building which is being constructed on the builder’s lot and then brought up on 3 trucks and put in place with a crane. Delivery is July 22nd, which means that everything is happening now. Earthworks have started, and the place looks a bit like its been hit by a bomb. Especially if the bomb were in the form of a rockbreaker and several digging machines. Still, they’ve assured us that they’ll fix everything when they’re done, re-dig the […]