Breaking Ground

We have a delivery date for the house – which, in case I hadn’t mentioned this clearly before, is a modular pre-fabricated building which is being constructed on the builder’s lot and then brought up on 3 trucks and put in place with a crane. Delivery is July 22nd, which means that everything is happening now.

Earthworks have started, and the place looks a bit like its been hit by a bomb. Especially if the bomb were in the form of a rockbreaker and several digging machines. Still, they’ve assured us that they’ll fix everything when they’re done, re-dig the top 3 swales (which they call “trenches” – not even “drainage ditch”) and everything.

site works pic 1

site works pic 2

site works pic 3 - electric conduit trench

site works pic 4 - electric conduit trench

site works pic 5