And some pictures, just because

George, relaxed & sleeping after getting home from the vet.
sleeping kitties

The view out the back door. It’s still a bit Mars-like, but we’ll get some pasture down next winter and put some fruit trees in. The hedge maze will be out there, too, once we get that planted.

Boxes of books to unpack once the shelves in the library are up. Also, some of the tree decals.

My unfinished mediterranean / arid herb garden along the front of the house.
herb garden

And more boxes to unpack – the craft storage room is actually a lot more under control than this picture would lead you to believe.
more boxes

And to finish on the same note as I started, some mid-morning kitty cuddles.
kitty cuddles


  1. Love this. :3 Hope you guys are having a beautiful weekend. Is the electrical storm view good from where you are?

  2. The view was pretty good, but we were out at a movie night for most of the evening so by the time we got home it was almost over. 🙂 The whole place smelled of petrichor though, it was lovely.

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