Perth Storm 2016

In case anyone was concerned, we made it through the storm with no damage. To be honest, the storm was less impressive than the many wild weather warnings led us to expect, although I think it was worse in some places than it was for us.


None of the trees blew down, feel down, or really suffered any harm beyond a few leaves being blown off. Some of the big eucalypts lost a few small branches, but nothing significant. We had a LOT of rain, and the swales all filled up; a few overflowed a little, but that’s why we have them all the way down along the slope.


The out-flow pipe from the gutters into the big tank shifted in the wind, and was pouring water onto the roof of the tank instead of into the inlet for an hour or two yesterday morning. K fixed it by jury-rigging a clamp out of two big pavers to hold the pipe in place. He had to climb a ladder through the sheeting overflow-waterfall from the roof of the tank, and he did so in his bathrobe because it was the easiest warmish thing to hand when he noticed the problem. Said bathrobe is still drying out.


Other than that.. with any luck most of the pasture seed we broadcast last week is still in place, or at least on the property. I’m hoping for a mixed lucerne and perennial grass mix pasture to start getting established this winter, and it’s all just started sprouting. Maybe next winter we’ll be able to put some animals on it.


The only other thing we noticed was the wind across the roads while driving. We didn’t even get any hail up here, nevermind the reiteration of the Perthmageddon Hail Storm of a few years back – which is what people were afraid of.


We did have a busy day helping out at my mum’s place, harvesting grapefruit and limes from her trees, and then pruning those same trees. I now have a fairly decent sized box of limes and grapefruit to add to my mandarins and oranges form the neighbour’s trees. Afternoon tea today was a plate full of citrus, and it was amazing. Fresh fruit has to be one of the best things in the world.