June 6: furniture modification

When I was 19 or so, I built myself a bed. To be precise, a queen-size loft bed – effectively the top bunk of a bunk bed, but with no bottom bunk and instead space for a desk or couch underneath – made of large chunks of jarrah and aged pine.


Today’s project was modifying that bed. We’ve cut the legs down a bit, so it’s only 80 cm off the ground, rather than a full 1.5 m. K got to use the table saw he got for his birthday (and thinks it’s the best toy ever). And then we carried the pieces down from the workshop to the house; with just the two of us, that was a pretty epic task in and of itself.


The modification works are now complete, the new varnish dried, the mattress and bedding in place. It may not sound like much, but it was  pretty major project.


Photos to come 🙂