spring by any measure

I love spring. I know that in a month or two I’ll be longing for a cold night to cuddle up, but for now (while there are still some very cold nights up here) I’m loving the sunshine and the flowers and the (slightly) warmer weather.


Almost all the stone fruit are starting to flower now, and the persimmon has put out a few green shoots. The wattles have put on a growth spurt, and most of

them are now taller than me – only 2 years in from being planted as 30cm high seedlings. The open soon-to-be-pasture in between them is covered with cape dandelion – I know it’s a weed, but it’s also a useful pasture plant for dry areas, edible and palatable to most stock and able to survive the summer without extra water.









The wildflowers are out in force. I haven’t really gone and tried to identify any, but there were 8 different types within 2 sqm when I looked casually the other day.

Lagerfeld roseMy roses are flowering, too, although they didn’t really stop over winter.


And last but not least, I have some eggs in the incubator. Four pilgrim goose eggs (and I really hope at least 2 hatch!) in the hopes of some pasture eating soil improving critters, a dozen more guinea fowl eggs (this time the foxes won’t get them, for sure), a dozen quail eggs for the newly renovated quail coops, and two eggs form my eldest and favourite hen, Splash. I’ve seen the rooster mating with one of the other hens, so he’s clearly all grown up now, and I’m hoping he’s getting jiggy with Splash too – she’s such a sweet natured, smart bird that I’d really like to hatch some of her chicks. Also, she must be part aracauna, because she lays blue eggs, which is just cool.



And, in closing, I am really looking forward to some more beach weather. It’s too cold for me to want to swim yet, but it’s already walking-on-the-beach wind in the hair weather. 🙂